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Field Trip Experiences at Reading Science Center

The Field Trip Experience

A class field trip experience lasts approximately 2 hours on-site at the Reading Science Center. After a short introduction, groups of about 50 students are split in half.  

  • One group goes directly to our Curious in the Classroom to explore an area of science for about 50 minutes.  Each student works with their own set of materials to experience a true hands-on, inquiry-based investigation led by our trained educators.  Every lesson is geared to walk the students through the scientific steps of an investigation as well as teaching/reminding them of key scientific terms, all while encouraging them to be curious about the world around them!
  • Meanwhile the other group spends this time in self-discovery of 50+ interactive exhibits in our science museum, including electricity, forces and motion, engineering, light & sound and vision.  We have trained docents to help the students engage in learning through each exhibit as well as some scavenger hunt games to help guide their explorations.  After the initial 50 minutes, the two groups will switch so everyone gets the same experience.

Pricing & Scheduling

Our standard pricing is $16 per student.  However, depending on grant designations, we may be able to provide a subsidy to your school.  Please discuss during the process of scheduling your trip. 

Trips may be scheduled mornings and afternoons, Monday through Friday based on availability.  Please contact us at or for booking or more information.

Financial Assistance

Additional grant opportunities may be available for teachers to provide their class with a field trip to the Reading Science Center. Please see grant resources at


If your school does not have its own bus transportation, Berks County Intermediate Unit may be able to help. 


For inquiries, please contact:

John Coakley

Program Administrator, Transportation

Office of Operations, Berks County Intermediate Unit

61 Berkley Road, Reading, PA 19605


School buses can park along the fire lane on the side of the DoubleTree Reading Hotel during field trips, as long as the driver stays with the vehicle.