Group Visits

Summer Programming at The Reading Science Center!

Summer Science Adventures at the Reading Science Center are the perfect way to turn learning into a thrilling exploration! Designed for groups of 15 or more kids, our program offers a fun-filled 2-hour experience where kids get to be scientists in our glowing classroom lab and explore our 50+ exhibits on the Center floor.

Staff-Led Classroom Investigation:

The Hidden World of Glow

Embark on a journey into the ‘Hidden World of Glow’ this summer! Our program offers exciting, hands-on experiments that illuminate the fun side of science. Kids will delve into glowing experiments, from the wonders of chemistry to the magic of electrical engineering. They’ll even get to create their own glowing creations to take home! It’s an adventure in learning that’s as entertaining as it is enlightening.

How to Schedule Your Visit

Summer Science Adventures can be scheduled in the mornings and afternoons, Monday through Friday, based on availability. For more information or to schedule your adventure, contact us at or Whether you’re a summer camp, school group, community organization, or a large group of friends/family, get ready for an unforgettable science experience!