SaH: Chocolate Density

This activity explores the density of different fun sized candy bars. Can you figure out which is more dense? Have fun with this tasty science lesson!



Which piece of chocolate is more dense?



  • Two or more different fun sized chocolate candy – with and without nuts. 3 Musketeers and Snickers work well!
    • If you have a nut allergy, please wear gloves or have a parent help you.
  • Bowl of water


What to Do

  1. Mix up 2 or more unwrapped fun sized chocolate candy bars. Make sure you don’t know which one is which!
  2. Carefully place them into the bowl of water.



What is happening? Open up the chocolate bars and see what is inside each one!


What is Happening?

Density is the mass per volume of an item. If you look at your fun sized chocolate bars, they should all be about the same size – or take up about the same space. The chocolate bars differ by what is inside of them. Some are more dense – solid or filled with nuts. Others are less dense and filled with fluffy nougat! These differences will help you to determine which is more dense. Depending on the density of the chocolate bars, some will float (less dense) and some will sink (more dense)!


Activity add-ons:

Can you demonstrate the property of density with other candy?

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