SaH: Brain Games

Question How does your brain perceive your body in space?   Materials You and a friend   What to Do   Tell your friend you would like to test some experimental illusions on them. These work best if your friend does not know “the point” of the experiment or what to expect. Experiment 1 Have […]

SaH: Osmosis

Question How does liquid flow through an egg?   Materials 3 raw eggs 6 plastic cups or glass jars Food coloring Corn syrup Vinegar   What to Do Place each of the eggs in a cup of vinegar for 48 hours. Compare what the egg looked and felt like before and after the 48 hours. […]

Dear Reading Science Center Friends and Families, For many months, the Reading Science Center volunteers have worked hard and fast to open our doors this Spring so that we can provide our community, especially our children, with an exceptional educational experience complete with curriculum, interactive and static exhibits, and hands on STEM activities. Given the […]

Reading Science Center Sneak Peak at the Fire + Ice Fest

Get a sneak preview inside The Reading Science Center ahead of its early 2020 opening! From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday during the Reading Fire and Ice Fest 2020 you can take a quick tour of the much-anticipated Reading Science Center, still under construction, on the lower level of 645 Penn Street (next […]

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