SaH: Dancing Raisins

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In this experiment, you will discover how bubbles in your beverage can interact with certain solids dropped inside. Before your experiment, write a comment below to share your prediction with us. After your experiment, add another comment to tell us what you learned!



What happens to raisins in a carbonated beverage?



  • Raisins
  • Sprite or another clear carbonated beverage
  • Plastic cup


What to Do

  1. Fill the cup with Sprite.
  2. Carefully add approximately 10 raisins.
  3. Make observations!


What is Happening?

Raisins are more dense than the carbonated liquid. However, the wrinkly surface of the raisin skin is a great place for the carbon dioxide bubbles to sit. As more bubbles gather on the surface of the raisins, they carry the raisins to the top of the liquid. As they get closer to the top, the bubbles pop. The raisins then sink back to the bottom of the container. This process will repeat until the soda runs out of carbonation.

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