SaH: Light Sensors

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Have you ever taken a close look at your eyes? Let’s explore how changes in light change our eyes!



How does the amount of light in a room change your eyes?



  • Mirror
  • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons
  • Paper


What to Do

  1. Use the mirror to make a drawing of your eyes. Draw anything you notice!
  2. Turn off the lights (and make sure the room is dark) for one minute. Feel free to close your eyes during the minute as well!
  3. Prepare the mirror to be ready to observe your eyes as soon as the lights turn on.
  4. Once the lights come back on, make a new drawing for anything you notice.


What is Happening?

Your pupils (the black dot in the center of your eye) will expand and contract depending on the available light in the room. A smaller pupil will let in less light (good for well lit surroundings) and a larger pupil will let in more light (good for poorly lit surroundings).

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We here at the Reading Science Center understand that these are unprecedented times. as such, we wanted you to know that we are taking the following precautions until further notice:

  • We have an air scrubber (Vollara) that we use in the Center
  • We have deep cleaning complete weekly 
  • Sanitizing every three hours using MICROBAN Sanitizing spray
  • Hand Snaitizer is readily available throughout the Center
  • Masking is required regardless of vaccination status
  • Limiting Hours (No Tuesdays until February)
  • Temperature Checks and an illness questionnaire
  • We respectfully request that if you or a family member with you is feeling under the weather, you visit us another time.  
  • If we need to close, we will post on Social Media as soon as we have made the decision

Thank You and we look forward to you and your family visiting the Reading Science Center!